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Introduction To Our Stainless Steel Products, Mission and Service Capabilities

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McCarty & Sons, Inc. invites you to glance over our latest brochure. In it we have attempted to update you, the customer, on what we have been doing to preserve or earn your business. For those of you new to our enterprise, we remain basically a small independent service center dedicated to the prompt distribution of Stainless Steel in small to medium quantities. By adhering to the “Stainless Only” policy we feel comfortable in being able to adequately address your product needs.

Our objectives continue to be:

  • to supply sizes and grades of Stainless where demand is repetitive.
  • to concentrate on variety of diameter, width and thickness rather than extra close tolerance or super machinability.
  • to favor range and fringe appeal of items over depth and tonnage.
  • to be fair and consistent in price and quality.

We have found that to keep abreast with the demands of the trade, a more extensive general inventory and greater concentration in the extra low carbon and precipitation hardening grades are paramount. In addition, the stocking of new items such as Type 416 and 440 flat bar and plate, large squares, plus a more complete range of Type 303 flat bar have become necessary. To complement this increase we have installed plasma cutting equip- ment to produce shapes and specials through three inches thick and updated shearing facilities to include the processing of light gauge sheet and plate up to one half inch thick.

It is with this background that McCarty & Sons, Inc. repeats the invitation to inspect the data on the following pages. We feel strongly that we have a position of usefulness in the “Stainless” industry and would appreciate the opportunity of putting that usefulness to work for you.


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  Flat Bar Plate Square Round Hex Sheet Angle
301 1/4 HD            
301 1/2 HD            
17-4 PH      

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For further information please download our stainless steel delivery program (brochure) listing the majority of our stainless steel products and services. Additionally, any inquires can be directed to out phone, fax or email address for reasonably prompt attention.

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