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McCarty & Sons, Inc

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Incorporated in 1949 under the management of Robert P.J. McCarty the company was originally known as Robert P.J. McCarty & Sons, Co. Inc., located in Hamden Connecticut. Ownership and management was passed on in 1967 to John K. McCarty, son of former owner, and the corporate name was shortened to McCarty & Sons, Inc. and later moved to Westbrook, Connecticut. Thomas J. McCarty has succeeded his father, John K as owner and President.

Prior to World War Two, Robert P.J. worked with his father Patrick as Eastern Representatives of the former Ludlum Steel Company, Watervliet New York and were partly responsible for that company's sales of the then relatively young noble metal (by United States Standards) known as stainless steel.

For over fifty years then, McCarty and Sons, Inc. has been serving the Stainless Steel Industry as a stocking distributor and service center providing distributors and original equipment manufacturers, tool, die and machine shops with their miscellaneous needs of small to medium requirements of the standard grades and products of stainless steel. These requirements, by their very nature require pre processing such as saw cutting, shearing and plasma burning.

Since expanding it's facilities in Westbrook, the company has concentrated on distributor sales, grades and products more related to field such as fiber optic, plastic mold and medical instruments. Specializing in these areas has meant larger commitments to the various mills and as a corollary enable McCarty & Sons, Inc. to serve as a mini‐master distributor relative to this concentration.

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